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Finding a tattoo style you like will help to bring your vision to life, and to find the right artist to do that!


Often encompasses a wide variety of designs – generally taking bold and simple lines from traditional tattoos, and adding a contemporary influence and more detail.

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Often has a hand drawn feel to it, using various line weights to give an individual interpretation of an idea, and less of a realistic one.

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Black + grey

Often encompassing tattoos that have many styles together, or don’t fall into a specific one.

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Often refers to American Traditional, and uses a very simple and bold approach to lines and colour, influenced by the pioneers of the industry.

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Words, names and quotes.

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Favourite thing to tattoo: Line art + the human figure! 


Favourite thing to tattoo:

A wide variety of styles, and especially nature!


Favourite thing to tattoo: 

Anything in colour, especially flowers & cats!


Favourite thing to tattoo:

Realistic images, in black and grey or colour!


Favourite thing to tattoo: 

Portraits, roses & nature, realistic or neotraditional, and especially in colour!

Daljeet (Dee)