tattoo artist/owner

Katja Heinze

Saskatoon – Books Closed
Nipawin – Books open

Hourly rate: $200

Katarina’s favourite styles to tattoo are colour realism and neo-traditional, particularly with portraits and nature elements.

She is now tattooing in both Saskatoon and Nipawin, please specify on the form which city you might be available for an appointment!


A little bit about me

 Katja was born and raised in the picturesque city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and was inspired to try tattooing as a new means of creative expression to supplement her wide repertoire of passions and interests.  It started out as merely a hobby – another new medium to create works on leather and art boards – but her creativity and curiosity eventually flourished to include the canvas of the human form.  Kat is a Renaissance woman, finding pleasure in creating art in a variety of different ways, but it was when she began creating for clients that her drawing skills were really brought to the forefront. The art of tattooing is satisfying to Kat’s curious nature because it is an art medium that is ever evolving and expanding.  She loves the process of meeting new and unique people and entering into a creative co-creation with clients.  Getting to know her clients and their stories allows her to synchronize their vision with her own inspiration – often gleaned from different genres of art movements and music to create a piece wholly unique and special.  Kat’s current tattoo passion projects revolve around refining a unique style which combines realism with the genres of bold lines and neo traditionalism. While not in the tattoo studio, you can find Kat doing almost everything under the sun! She currently is involved in a range of passionate projects including foraging, growing rare and edible plants, chicken farming, historical house restoration, apothecary creation, novel writing, animal welfare, motorbike riding, evolved senior care, alternative health and wellness, martial arts, and dancing.


“Ok Im not one to fill these things out but I feel this one is necessary. Kat was nothing short of amazing her work was astonishing. professionalism nothing short of perfection. She is not satisfied unless you are. I made a major change almost the whole tattoo the day before and she did it for me no questions asked. I was very nervous to get a portrait of my dog that passed away but kat nailed it and I would very highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks Kat”

Join my list for updates!

Although Kat’s books are currently closed, she is now taking a limited number of projects and opening them about every six months or so. To be notified when the books open, sign up to the email list! It’s also announced on her instagram booking channel where she also posts cancellation spots and new designs that are available!