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Kathleen grew up in Saskatoon with her nose in as many fantasy books as she could get her hands on. She has been drawing since she could hold a pencil, and spent many of her formative art years drawing animals, fairies, dragons, the Sailor Scouts, and Pokemon. She enjoys a variety of art media, including graphite, watercolour, gouache, acrylic, oil painting, and digital painting and is excited to include tattoo among her arsenal of artforms.

Kathleen has always been fascinated by stories and storytelling (she also has an English degree) and is honoured to be a part of people’s individual stories through her art and tattooing. Much of her artwork is fantasy-inspired and she likes illustrating dark/spooky scenes and concepts. She also loves all sorts of natural subjects, including animals (especially birds), botanicals, and bones. She mainly works in an illustrative style but is interested in many styles and projects – especially neotraditional. She wants people to be as comfortable as possible during their appointments and is happy to work within clients’ comforts and adjust as needed.

When not tattooing, Kathleen can be found with her cat, Smudge, enjoying a cup of fancy tea or a craft beer with a video game, art project, or book in front of her. She also plays a lot of D&D


Got my first tattoo from an apprentice, Kathleen, all the artists here do wonderful work and everyone is friendly and relaxed, excellent experience!

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