Faradic Muscle Toning



Just lie down, relax and let technology do its wonders!

What is FMT?

Faradic Muscle Toning (FMT) is a non-invasive and painless treatment that aims to tone your muscles and give shape to your body. It results to an instant loss of 1-2″ inches right after the first session.

This treatment is perfect for reducing cellulites and getting rid of unattractive bulges in stubborn areas of your body. In an 18-minute session, the FMT machine will gently work out your muscles while you lie down and relax.

FMT also detoxifies your body and eliminates excess fluids as it stimulates your lymphatic system through sending electric currents into your nerves and muscles.

Other medical benefits of FMT includes treatment of muscle injuries, pre-menstrual problems, and stress-related conditions.

Why would you get FMT?

  • Because you want to look good in your dress clothes, or bathing suit!
  • Because you want to kick start and enhance your slimming plan!
  • Because no matter what you do those excess inches in stubborn areas won’t come off without treatment!
  • Because you don’t have time to do 200 perfect sit-ups in a week, never mind in 18 minutes with a treatment!
  • Because you want to build specific muscles for sporting events or hiking or working!
  • Because you want to relieve backaches from sitting at a desk all day and tone your core!

With Faradic Muscle Toning you can accomplish all of the above in as little as a month with dramatic results in the first session!

Muscle toning

Faradic currents passing through your body will force the muscles to tighten. The ultimate purpose of this contraction is to tone your muscles, reducing inches from your body. You only need to lie down and let your muscles undergo “passive exercise” which requires no effort and less time than a gym workout does.

Muscle relief

FMT has been used by medical professionals for decades as a treatment for muscle pain, body stress and even nerve damage. This procedure offers a painless and time-efficient option to relieve muscle pain by directing the electrical pulses to your problem areas like your shoulders, back or limbs.

Cellulite reduction

Consistent use of FMT can significantly reduce the appearance of cellulites based on results of clinical trials. While the pulsing of faradic currents into your body feels like a relaxing massage, it also stimulates vasodilation and enhances your blood circulation that eventually leads to smoother skin texture on your stubborn areas.

Muscle building

FMT also offers the benefit of building up your muscles in addition to toning, but without putting any pressure on your joints or causing strain. Using professional FMT equipment, you can build specific muscles for working, hiking or even sporting activities. Athletes and bodybuilders can use FMT to supplement their workout routines.

What results can I expect to see after 1 session, 10 sessions, 20 sessions?

After 1 session you are guaranteed to lose a minimum of ½ to 3 inches on your chosen area. After a course of 10 sessions in one area we expect you to lose 1 inch from your rib cage, 2 inches from your waist and 2 inches from your abdomen. After 20 sessions you will generally lose half of what you lost in the first 10 sessions.

How often should I get a FWT treatment?

It is very important to be having sessions 2 to 3 times per week consistently. FWT works on creating muscle memory to achieve a more toned muscle, so it needs to be consistently triggered by the wave to achieve the best result. You can’t go to the gym once a month and expect to see a result – the same hold true for FWT. The more you go the sooner you’ll see better results.

Can I get a treatment done everyday?

Only if it’s for a different muscle group than what you got treated the day before. One day between the same treatment is necessary.

How long will the results stay off after 1 session, 10 sessions, and 20 sessions?

After 1 session the result will stay off for about 5 days, unless you choose to continue with FWT. After 10 or 20 sessions the result will last for 6 to 8 months if you don’t have maintenance treatments or exercise.

Can I have a longer treatment than 18 minutes?

No, the treatments have been designed for the maximum effectiveness in 18 minutes. any longer and you risk overworking the muscles.

Can FWT cause any extra cramping during a woman’s menstrual cycle?

No, the FWT can actually help to alleviate any cramps during the cycle.

Will I lose weight?

No. The treatment strictly tones and tightens the muscles, thereby you lose inches.

Is it normal to need to use the washroom after a treatment?

Yes, the contractions and relaxation of the muscles move the lymphatic system the same as during exercise, so it’s perfectly normal for the body to rebalance after a session.

Is it normal to still feel tingling in the muscle after a treatment?

Yes, it’s a residual effect which may be felt by some people for 5 to 10 minutes afterwards, although some never experience it.