General Information

Consultation: Free
Please bring any photos, images or ideas you have to this appointment. If your design is approved and you are interested in moving forward after the consultation, a $100 or $200 deposit is required to book an appointment. All consultations and design discussions are done in person except for out of town folk, we can plan over email if you don't visit regularly. 

Hourly Rates:

Minimum: $100

Kat: $180

Harmeet: $150

Francisco: $120

Charlie: $150

Nick: $120

Deposit: $100 if the tattoo will take 3 hours or less; $200 if the tattoo will take more than 3 hours. This will be applied towards your final appointment and is non refundable. Your deposit will be forfeited if you cancel/reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment and a new deposit is required to book another session.

Cash, e-transfer & credit accepted. 

Please arrive on time, and without cologne/perfume/spray deodorant, as we have some staff members that are sensitive scents!

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I know if the tattoo shop is clean?

We use brand new, one use, sterile and disposable needles and tubes, and adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and disinfection dictated by the Saskatoon Health Region.

2. Do you give quotes for a piece?

We try to give general estimates of how many hours it may take in a consult, but it can vary with design and size changes on the day of your tattoo.

3. What can I do to prepare for my tattoo appointment?

Please arrive clean, recently fed and watered and free of alcohol. Bring a snack for long sessions. If you have a compromised immune system (for example diabetes or HIV) please bring a doctor's authorization. You should not make an appointment immediately pre or post surgery, while you are sick, or heavily stressed. If you have a physically intensive job (such as coveralls rubbing the area or exposed to dirt or chemicals), or will be in a dusty or sunny environment you may want to allow 3 to 10 days (depending on size, location) away from that to allow proper healing. After care is extremely important to ensure proper healing.

4.How should I decide on placement?

We can provide some tips on where your design would look best flow wise, but ultimately it's your personal preference. Consider that areas covered in a layer of hair will need to be shaved to tattoo, but when the hair grows back it will obscure the view of the tattoo some. Areas such as ribs, inside of the arm, hands and feet generally hurt more but if you're determined to sit through it, you can split it up into sessions. 

5. Can I bring in any photo or design to get tattooed?

If it's your own design or photo, or one designed specifically for you then yes! Please do! Some changes may need to be made to improve its tattoo-ability. If it's a tattoo someone else has then we will design a unique version for you.

6. Can you cover up an old tattoo I have?

Probably. There are some design limits, and you will usually have to go larger and often in colour. Occasionally your tattoo may need to be lightened using laser removal, and that’s best decided in a consultation!

8. Do you do free touch ups?

Yes, one touch up within six months. The exception to this is if there was an obvious disregard to the aftercare instructions.

9. Can I bring a friend?

Only one. Although friends can be supportive, they can be distracting, and the more you talk, the more you move and the more you move the longer it takes! Depending on the day, we may ask your friend to hang out in the waiting area to keep the tattoo area less congested! 

10. Do you like melons?

No i hate them. And cucumbers, they are especially terrible. But I don't mind if you bring them for a snack, in fact I encourage you to bring you some food and drink as sometimes sessions can get lengthy and some sustenance will go a long way in extending your comfort!

11. Does it hurt?

Yes it does. Pain varies with each person so how much will depend on your individual tolerance.

12. Can I get tattooed while pregnant or nursing?


13. Can I get tattooed if I'm under 18?

Sorry, no.

14. Is there anything I should know before deciding on a sleeve/pantleg/backpiece?

Yes, it's a big commitment. It can take anywhere from 40 - 100 hours depending on detail, so please be prepared for this cost wise and time wise. Payment is per appointment, and it's best if you can do sessions of at least 3 or more hours as the artist usually sets up a lot of colours (if it's colour) and likes to get in the mindset of it. It's also best if you can schedule appointments every month, or few months. Any more than 6 months to a year apart makes it more difficult to finish the piece in the style it was originally done, and remember where it was left off.

15. What's better CAT or Cummins?

I was hoping someone would ask that! If you would have asked me when I first tried them I would have said Cummins, but now I'm equally partial to both! Make? Now that's a different story. Early International all the way.