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-Our shop is currently not supporting the use of numbing creams due to a FDA announcement about the potential for dangerous health effects. 

-Please be advised that if you arrive at your tattoo appointment with a numbing agent applied, your appointment will be cancelled and deposit forfeited. 

-The shop will continue to keep an eye on this situation and will update and re-evaluate as more is known. 

-For additional information please see the bottom of this email


Deposit Policies

-The deposit is non-refundable and will be applied towards your final tattoo appointment.

-Your deposit will be forfeit if you cancel or reschedule within 48hrs of your appointment and a new deposit will be required to book another session.


Before your appointment:

-Try to avoid too much sun in the couple weeks prior to your appointment, as sometimes the skin may be too damaged to tattoo immediately (even if it’s not burnt) and for at least two weeks afterwards.

-Swimming/hot tubbing is a no-no in the first 2 weeks after getting tattooed (unless you use Saniderm or the like, ask us about it!)

-You should wait at least 4-6 weeks after any surgery, before getting tattooed and some medications may still need additional wait time. Let us know if you have something scheduled and usually a doctor’s note will be required if it is close to the date.

-If you have problems with blood clotting or are on medication that results in the same effect, have diabetes, epilepsy, a heart condition, hemophilia or an immunosuppressive condition we would be happy to tattoo you with a letter from your doctor indicating it is safe to do so!

-Depending on the location of your tattoo and the job you have, you may want to allow a weekend or a few days off to prevent uncomfortable and potentially irritating rubbing or excessive sweating. Usually the foot for example, in tight shoes, or the shoulder if you carry a backpack etc.

-We cannot tattoo you if you are pregnant or nursing!

-Please note we will not tattoo minors, even with parental consent. You must be 18+ to access our services! Thank you for your understanding.


The day of your appointment:

-Please bring government issued ID with you! A driver’s license is an all encompassing piece of ID but if you do not have one we require 2 pieces of ID and one of which needs to have a photo of you on it! Examples of picture IDs are a passport, firearms license, permanent resident card, citizenship card, etc.

We can take payment by e-transfer, credit card, debit or cash, and our preferred method of payment is cash.

-Remember we are a scent free shop! Deodorant, preferably scent free, is fine as long as it’s non aerosol.

-Unless otherwise specified, the artist will show you the design when you arrive for your tattoo. The artist will gladly finetune and adjust the drawing for your tattoo, but if you decide you want a different design altogether after the first one is drawn, another deposit will be required. We respect the time our artists spend drawing for our clients.

-Please make sure you are fed and watered! This makes a big difference in your comfort and pain tolerance. Bring snacks – they are ok to nom on during the tattoo! On longer sessions you will be thankful you did, but candy is usually available.

-Feel free to bring something to distract yourself (book, tablet etc.) as long as you are not moving, the distraction helps a lot. We have YouTube and Netflix available as well.

-It is a good idea to avoid any blood thinning medication (including some painkillers such as aspirin, if you take it long term see your doctor) and drugs or alcohol within 24 hours of the tattoo.

-If the area you are having tattooed is covered with hair, please do not shave the area. It’s helpful to trim the area if you’d like to, but the tattoo artist will shave as needed at your appointment. If you nick yourself while shaving it could affect tattooing.

-It’s a good idea to bring loose comfortable clothing that allows easy access to the area being tattooed (and that you won’t mind if it gets dirty from ink).

-We may have room for you to bring a friend on some occasions, but there may not be room for them to sit in the tattoo area or to stay for the entire duration of the appointment if it is a bigger tattoo. It depends on the amount of people in the shop that day, and the artist’s comfort level!

-Although we love kids, please do not bring minors/children to your appointment!


After your appointment:

-Tattoos include one free touch up by the artist that did the tattoo, within six months of the service, provided it was properly cared for during healing.

-We will provide you with aftercare instructions, but plan to keep it out of the sun for at least 2 weeks (though sun screen is always recommended to keep it vibrant) and avoid sweating and swimming immediately after.

-If you are having any trouble with reactions to the second skin or any sort of reaction to do with your tattoo please send us a picture of the tattoo!


Artist hourly rates


  • Kat – $200
  • Jen – $175
  • Sydney – $180
  • Kristy – $180
  • Colleen – $160
  • Daljeet – $160
  • Kathleen – $120
  • Murray – $180


Tattoo rates are subject to GST. The minimum charge for any artist at the shop is their hourly rate.


Numbing cream FDA Information

Find the article here:

The key points of this announcement are: 

not to use OTC pain relief products with more than 4% lidocaine on their skin

-not to apply OTC pain relief products heavily over large areas of skin or to irritated or broken skin.

-not to wrap skin treated with OTC pain relief products with plastic wrap or other dressings. Wrapping or covering treated skin with any type of material can increase the chance of serious side effects.



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