Permanent Cosmetic Services

Consultation - $50

   During the consultation we'll discuss the procedure, colour and shape. The cost of this appointment is applied to your service if you choose to book. Feel free to bring any photos of styles that you like, and we can pencil in an idea of your desired outcome. This must be scheduled 24 hours in advance of your appointment to conduct a patch test unless waived. Allergies are extremely rare, but caution is exercised. If you wish to waive the patch test and do the consult at the same time as the appointment, you may sign a waiver indicating so. 


Hairstroke - $625

   This service is done with a machine instead of a manual tool, so the ink sits slightly deeper in the skin, and lasts longer than microblading (done with a hand tool). Each individual hair is tattooed in, for a natural way to reconstruct, define or fill in the most noticeable feature of your face. 

Powder Shade - $525

   This method gives a fuller 'background' similar to filling your brows in with powder. An excellent alternative to those skin types not suitable to hold the fine detail of hairstrokes.

Lips- $550

For adding natural definition to your lips, shape correction or colour enhancement.

Colour Renew - $275

   A touch up of your colour between 1-2 years after the service.


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