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Colleen is open to a variety of styles and projects, and particularly loves tattooing line art and figures!


A little bit about me

Colleen was born in Edmonton, Alberta. With an inherent love of expression through drawing, Colleen knew from very young that she had wanted to pursue tattoo artistry – when she saw her very first tattoo on the ankle of her eclectic and rebellious aunt.  She received a Double Honour’s degree in Art and Art History in 2014, specializing in Classical Literature and the art of the High Venetian Renaissance and put herself through school working as an artist’s model for the university’s fine art and medical anatomy classes.  It was at this time her fascination with the body and its versatile language began to influence her work.  She received a full scholarship to the University of Calgary in 2018 to obtain her Master of Fine Arts degree – drawing specialization – where she formed her thesis around the gestural language of the body and how its movement weaves an epic cycle of visual human narrative.  All through school, she yearned to put thesis into practice through the art of tattooing. She received her chance when she fortuitously relocated to Saskatoon and came under Kat’s mentorship in the summer of 2020.  For Colleen, each project is viewed as an intuitive artistic process – a conceptual collaboration between artist and client to create a personal narrative which is expressed through the body and its movement.  Colleen’s work speaks strongly through the elements of line, gesture and form.  While not at the tattoo studio, she can be found viewing art, modeling for art, or making art at her private studio, working on her independent practice, rooted in large scale figurative work.  Her art has been exhibited in cities across the Western world, including Saskatoon, Calgary, Seattle, New York, and London, U.K. She also loves to sing, bake raspberry rhubarb pie and ride the rivers and lakes in the summer on her paddleboard.


“Thank you Colleen! My flower tattoo is elegant and exactly what I hoped for! Beautiful work!!!”

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